Special Purpose Conveyor Belts


These  belts are designed for transporting light weight goods, either being inclined or being horizontal, also suitable for transporting fragile or deformed materials and packed goods, such as glass, papers, bags, boxes or cartons at angle from 15 to 35 degree.

They are also used for handling baggage in cement & fertilizer plants. Profile or Rough surface manufactured with the help of impression fabric helps in carrying flat packages prevent slide-back Problems.



•       Less coefficient of friction

•       Benefit of slip and spillage resistance

•       Recommended for transportation of material at higher elevation

•       Useful for transportation of packed & deformed materials

•       The top cover is made of wear resistant rubber with a non-slip surface.

•      The bareback rough top belt makes less friction coefficient, suitable for running over table and flat panel

•     Mesh-like pattern generates the relief effect and absorbs any type of vibrations, preventing the material, being conveyed, from slipping

Types: rough top (using impression cloth) , wavy top (using design in mold) and bare back rough top..



Eurekon Sidewall Conveyor Belt is widely used in various industries for zero spillage, fast and bulk material handling. Such belts can be used for horizontal, sloping or vertical conveyance. Our Conveyor Belts with side walls is one of the most effective ways of elevating materials in a confined space.


·         Operating single belt

·         Handles wide range of materials

·         No transfer point

·         Low maintenance needed

·         Large  capacity

·         Less space requirement



·         The base belt is designed to bend efficiently in a longitudinal direction and has greater rigidity in a transverse direction by utilizing reinforced fabrics with mono filament that creates a fabric carcass of high tension.

·         Sidewalls are flexible and strongly boned

·         Side wall height and bottom width as per customer requirement

·         Side wall rubber can be fabric reinforced for further stability and strength





(molded along with belt ) for thermal power plants ( Coal conveying)


Description: Coal Feeder Conveyor Belt


Eurekon gravimetric feeder belts are integrally molded side walls belts with middle "V" guide in bottom side in truely endless without any joint for giving better life. They are manufactured as per IS 1891 part-1/1994 grade as M-24; as per IS 1891 part-V/1993/ ISO  340 for fire resistance grade. Now a day’s, most of the power plants are using FR grade in place of normal M-24 grade. The endless length depends on the feeder size. The maximum width is 1200 mm.