Oil Resistant Conveyor Belts

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belts
We have emerged as a well-established manufacturer and exporter of superior quality oil resistant conveyor belts. Compounded of oil resistant synthetic rubber, these oil resistant conveyor belts are immensely used for conveying the components & parts coated with machine oil, heavy-oil treated coal in cooking plants & electric power generating plants. These oil resistant belts are also used for carrying soybean draff, fish meat and other oily materials containing non-polar organic solvents & fuel.

Flawlessly designed these oil resistant belts are not effected by paraffin oil, naphthene-based oils, petrol, animal or vegetable fats etc. Our oil resistant belts are in line with international quality standards and hence most sought after in the global markets.

  • Excellent resistance to damaging effects while conveying oil contaminated or treated materials.
  • Available into 2 types as per cover properties: Anti-abrasive type & Ordinary type

Grade Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Maximum Abrasion Loss Polymer / Rubber Working Temperature Range Application
Oil Resistance Mpa % Minimum MM3   Degrees  
OR 15 300% 150 NBR Blend - 30 to + 60 For materials like grains, refuse, woodchips, fertilizers coated with oil, coated coal / coke, etc.
MOR 12 300% 300 NBR Blend - 30 to + 50 For materials with moderate amount of oil like grain, refuse, recycling waste, wood pulp, pinewood etc.

Note :
  • Values mentioned above are minimum requirements. Actual values may differ.
  • Working Temperature & application are recommendations only. Customer may deviate depending on actual conditions.
  • Above is subject to changes with change of process, technology etc.
  • Values not mentioned can be obtained from ECB, if required.
For container shipments, belts are wound on steel cores. Outer surface of belt roll is covered with rubberized fabric and sides are covered with plastic corrugated flanges. For break - bulk shipments, belts are packed in wooden drums with MS flanges and tie rods on sides.