Cold Vulcanizing Solution Belts


1.0 Material: Eurekon Cold Vulcanization Solution (IR-CVS-1001) with Eurekon Hardener (IR-CVH-1002) 2.0 Polymer Type: Neoprene based

2-part cold vulcanization adhesive solution with hardener

3.0 Colour and Appearance: Yellowish/Greenish/Bluish viscous liquid (cement)

4.0 Solid Content: 20+/-2%

5.0 Viscosity: 2000 +/-50 CPS @23°C

6.0 Specific Gravity: 0.95 +/-0.05

MATERIAL CODE NUMBER(S): Cold Vulcanization Solution (IR-CVS-1001).

CONTAINERS/PACKAGING: 1000 ml to 50 liters in plastics cans properly sealed.

FIELD OF APPLICATION: Suitable for chemical (cold) applications Suitable for pulley lagging, conveyor belt splice jointing; any rubber to metal bonding like tank lining, any rubberto-rubber bonding, any canvas-to-canvas bonding etc.

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: Suitable for cold chemical applications, Long shelf life.

SHELF LIFE: 1-2 years in unopened container from date of manufacture, if stored at 20-25°C and keep away from direct sunlight.

RECOMMENDED STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in a dark, moisture free environment, away from direct Sunlight; Protect from freezing; Comply with all local, state, and federal regulations. HARDENER for curing: 50 ml of Eurekon Hardener (IR-CVH-1002) to be used along with 1000 ml of rubber cement. Once the hardener bottle is opened up to be used totally, otherwise the liquid content material may be depolymerized in presence of moisture.


  • Rubber/rubber-cord materials/fabrics: 2 layers
  • Rubber with bonding layer: 1 layer
  • Primed metal: 1 layer
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